Strategic Map


AUCD is pleased to present our 2015-2016 Strategic Map. This map outlines five key priority areas and corresponding sub-goals for our organization and network over the next two years, and serves as a guide for our collective work and mission. It is our hope that this map will empower and equip the AUCD staff and network membership to increase the power of AUCD by strengthening our network, engaging the public, and expanding our impact to the broader disability community and other key stakeholders.

In the map, "AUCD" refers to the collective efforts of both the Association's central office in Silver Spring, MD, and the nationwide network as a whole. We appreciate the input and ideas that our strategic planning process has generated from the network and we hope this map resonates with the priorities of your Center. The Director of each AUCD-member Center has been sent a poster-sized version of this Map, and is encouraged to display and discuss it with staff. How do your Center's priorities align with the Map? How can we work together to accomplish these goals and more?

The AUCD Board and staff are excited about implementing this ambitious plan, and we welcome your ideas for how the work of your center can help strengthen the network, engage the public and expand our impact and reach between now and the end of 2016. If you have questions about any of the identified priorities, or suggestions for how AUCD can move a priority forward, please contact Executive Director Andy Imparato and AUCD at


Strategic Map

Download the Map in a text-only version.

Download the Map in a printable 8 1/2 x 11 PDF.